For an Artist
Glass is Unique.

Glass is a unique material, it makes colour brilliant and magical. Imagine the impact of a stained glass window in a medieval cathedral, when there was no neon lights or computer screens. Working with almost the same materials today a stained glass artist connects to that experience and reinvents it.

A stained glass panel is made with pieces of glass of different colours, painted with pigment, held together by strips of lead, it is not, as often believed, a picture painted on a large sheet of glass. During my three years training in Germany I learned to use all these methods and I focus more and more on glass painting for my latest work.

Stained Glass

A technique I often use in workshops with my students and for three-dimensional pieces was developed by Louis C Tiffany in America in early 20th Century. Coloured glass pieces are cut to shape, the edges are covered with selfadhesive copper foil tape and then joined together by soldering.

Traditionally stained glass was used for window or door openings and to make sure your house stays warm, it can be inserted into double glazing, standing frames or screens, lightboxes for walls are other options to enjoy the beauty of glass art.

A Design

Creating commissioned work is something I love to do. The whole process of learning what my customer is looking for, what they want to achieve. Commissions reflect the customer’s personality requirements of place or occasion which is translated into a stained glass design.