For an artist glass is a unique material. There is no other medium that brings out colour as brilliant as glass. The colours appear different depending on the time of day or where you place them. Another aspect is that this work has been done the same way for a very long time and here it is combined with modern shapes. And there is that sense of making something that will last longer than I will live.

There are various techniques in working with glass. Most of my work are leaded pieces, where a lead came is inserted between the glass pieces (see below). I often incorporate glass painting into the designs. I use glass paints the same way as they are used for hundreds of years in stained glass panels all over the world. Those paints are fired into the glass (clear or coloured) in a kiln.

Want to know more? Check 'Glass and its history' in Information                                                       -      -in progress, available to read shortly-

For three dimensional pieces I use copper foil, a technique developed by Louis C Tiffany in Amerika in early 20th Century. Coloured glass pieces are cut to shape, then the edges are covered with selfadhesive copper foil tape, next the pieces are put together with soldering the copperfoil together.

Flat glass panels can be inserted into free-standing frames or screens, placed as a room divider or smaller panels can be placed on a windowsill. They can be backlit with an electric lightsource and hung on a wall. Panels can be inserted into windows or doors and for that purpose it is possible to double glaze them.

Most of my work on the website is for sale, always feel free to contact me about prices or any other queries by phone or email!

Fish Faces

Living by the sea for many years now I am aware of this whole world in our oceans that we do not know much about, which does not stop us from harming it. Many years ago I came across a book with photographs of fish faces, I bought it because I loved the multitude of varieties in shape and colours and I noticed something else – very easily we see human emotions in the fishes' faces. When I happended to have another look at the book years later I thought this is a perfect project for glass painting and here they are:

'Fish Face' panels are 26 x 26 cm and available in a free standing deep box frame or hanging frame or backlit wall mounted frame. Please inquire about prices.

Glass painting leaded

Copper Foil and Painting and other


Work in Progress

Step by Step - from design to finished leaded design