Unique in the

The Caimileon Picture Framing Studio is unique in its approach. Most frames usually used are mass produced and offer a limited range. The framing done in this studio is different; it is a true extension of the visual art form.

Our living space gives us the possibility to express our individual taste. The more the advertising world tries to give us the illusion that a certain product is unique, we know that goods produced in huge numbers have nothing to do with individuality. Original artwork as be part of your surroundings, to enjoy everyday can be an important part of the quality of life.

Special Frames

Every picture or other artwork deserves to be presented in the best possible way. Here is where the picture frame finds its purpose. Caimileon Picture Framing is synonym for unique frames that, through material and form present a so far unknown diversity of presentation combined with thirty years of experience and excellence.

A Design

Creating commissioned work is something I love to do. The whole process of learning what my customer is looking for, what they want to achieve. Commissions reflect the customer’s personality requirements of place or occasion which is translated into a stained glass design.