Weekly & Full Day

I am offering stained glass workshops since 2008.I had organised a charity project in aid of blind and visually impaired people and the NCBI. Part of the project was a series of glass workshops. The participants and I had so much fun that I started offering workshops on a regular basis. Since then I have helped to create countless wonderful glass designs in my unique personal workshops.

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Studio with a View.

My studio is a beautiful bright timberframe building overlooking the Burren and Kinvara Bay. Workshops and courses are limited to four participants, so that the classes are personal and individual in their approach.


I teach various techniques, copper foil, lead, glass painting, for beginners the copper foil technique is ideal and offers a wide range of designs and ideas.

Every student works at their own level and at their own piece, I have patterns to use or copy or you bring your own ideas and we work something out that suits your skill level.

Two different types of workshop are available. We have weekly classes where students come for 2 ½ to 3 hours, you can buy a workshop card for 10 hours for 160€ and hours will be ticked off the card as you participate. You can also pay per hour for 18€ per hour.

The other workshops on offer are full day courses for 3 or 4 participants. The price for a full day is €160 and includes a little lunch and tea or coffee. The time is sufficient to bring home at least one lovely glass design.

Please contact me to enquire about private workshops for 2 to 4 participants

Weekly workshops will start back on Tuesday morning and evening from October 17th 2023 and will run all the way through to April. (Please note – there are no classes from December 21st to January 15th 2024)

Full day workshops are available about once a month from November to April, and on occasional dates during the Summer. The next dates are: 

December 9th 2023, January 20th and February 17th 2024.

Please feel free to talk to me about any special ideas for designs or projects.

Are you looking for a special gift? You can buy vouchers here, either for workshops or any glass/art work at Caimileon Studio.

Please contact me about dates & costs..
Weekly ongoing evening classes will begin again in October 2020. For the near future please book any workshops by email or phone so that we can arrange for any special requirements.