Anda Fisch,
My Alter Ego

Anda Fisch is my alter ego in art – I step out of my everyday world of words, figures, to-do-lists and business tasks. Looking at paintings after they are finished I do not remember drawing those lines, applying those colours. My inspiration comes from what I see around me – nature, movements, structures, colours. In my abstract paintings I express my feelings, my thoughts in shapes and colours. The paintings have titles, although you might see or feel something different and find your own title.

Currently I work mostly with different pastels on paper, I love using my hands to rub the pigments into the surface, a very tactile access to colour.

My Artworks

A Design

Creating commissioned work is something I love to do. The whole process of learning what my customer is looking for, what they want to achieve. Commissions reflect the customer’s personality requirements of place or occasion which is translated into a stained glass design.