Not only paintings and pictures can be framed - there is so much more:

Your children's first shoes, your wedding bouquet, sports jersey, photo collages and much more

Have a look at this:


With all the possibilities in the handcrafted frames mirrors are a wonderful opportunity to go 'wild' on the frame. 

Are you searching for a beautiful mirror?

But somehow there is always something not how you want it - wrong colour, wrong size ...

There are limitless design options in my handcrafted frames for mirrors. Any colour, shape, gold, silver, copper, oxydised metal and much more

How about creating your own personal mirror? Imagine you are looking at your picture in a frame that is uniquely designed to suit you. Your favourite colour, elegant and smooth or adorned with ornaments, colourful and funky or a natural look such as wood or stone.

Do you have a corner in a room that needs a bit of a sparkle - a little beautiful mirror?

Or you can not find a mirror to go with your mantelpiece or your bathroom design?


Look no further ...