The CAIMILEON Picture Framing Studio is unique in its approach to framing.
Most frames usually used are mass produced and there is only a limited range available. The framing done in this studio is different; it is a true extension of the visual art form.

Our living space gives us the possibility to express our individual taste. The more the advertising world tries to give us the illusion that a certain product is unique, we know that goods produced in huge numbers have nothing to do with individuality. How pleasant to look at an artist's painting - an original. To be with it, to be inspired by it every day, it is part of the quality of life.

And every picture deserves to be presented in the best possible way. Here is where the picture frame finds its purpose. CAIMILEON Picture Framing is synonym for unique frames that, through material and form present a so far unknown diversity of presentation combined with over twenty years of experience and excellence in picture framing.

Do you think that is far too much emphasis on the frame?


Have a look at the 'Before - After' example!

Industrial products are rarely suitable if the customer wants to have her/his individual suggestions acknowledged. Here at CAIMILEON the word compromise doesn't exist. The customer becomes a partner and is bringing in own ideas. To choose a suitable frame can be an event. It is not arrogance to say not the artist completes the picture, but the customer and the picture framer. 

Pictures show off a room, create a certain atmosphere and enlarge the visual horizon; they become an event for the viewer. And not to forget a truly good frame will never overwhelm the picture, the right frame is not noticed, but enhances the picture in the most perfect way.

Before and After

Painting by John Nolan